Built in 18901, the second floor served as the Odd Fellows Lodge. The city directories list the tenants of this building as:

Stark’s Nurseries ( 521-523)
Louisiana Light, Heat, Power, and Traction Co.
Louisiana Light, Power, and Traction Co., Ryce Bros. ( Electric Contract)
Missouri Edison Co.
Missouri Edison Co.

As written in Missouri Edison Company 1889-1984, a company history …..”Missouri Edison Company is one of the oldest utilities in the State of Missouri and its history dates back to 1889. Since that time, there have been several changes in control of the property and also several changes in its name.

The Company was first incorporated under March 1889, under the laws of the State of Missouri by William T. Johnson of Kansas City, Missouri under the name of the Carbon Light Company. In June if the same year, a gas plant and works in Louisiana was purchased from the Johnson Land Company, Incorporated. In the latter part of 1889, the Company which was consolidated with its own properties and operated without further change until 1903.

In 1903, the gas and electric properties were sold to Mr. David H. Harts of Lincoln, Illinois for $1,000 in cash and the assumption of the Company’s indebtedness of $45,000. The name was changed to The Louisiana Gas and Electric Light Company.

In September, 1906, it appeared that Louisiana was headed for a great industrial development an growth, so the name of the company was changed to Louisiana Light, Power and Traction Company, the Articles of Incorporation were amended to give it authority to operate a traction system.”

1908 Darlington Turnbolt, President of Louisiana Light, Heat, Power, and Traction Co. is seated on the left of the photo.
Interior view circa 1908
La GAs & Elec

In 1911 Frank E. Murray, Edward Lee Smith and J. C. Ridgeway are standing in front of the Louisiana Gas and Electric Light Co. at 521 Georgia Street. They moved from their previous location of 505 Georgia between 1903 and 1906.

LA Light & Power
1925 exterior of the building.
1925 Interior View
Abraham Vogel taken June 1939, he served as President of Missouri Edison Co from 1929 – 1941
Davis Benning who served as President from 1947 – 1969
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