Andrew Jackson “A.J.” Rogers and his father William had 407 and 409 Georgia built in 1891. “W.B. and Jack Rogers have built a two-story brick with galvanized iron cornices, on the site of their old building on Georgia street. It is 32×55 and thirty-three feet high, with fourteen feet ceilings. One, room 14 1/2 x 55, will be used by John H. Rose as a cigar manufactory and the other, 18 x 55 feet, by Mr. Rogers for a saloon. The stone work was done by Dillinder and Ebenberger, the brick work by English and Stephenson and the carpenter work by Isaac Newton. It will cost $3,500.1

A. J. Rogers operated a saloon at this location from 1892 through at least 1911 per the Louisiana City directorates for those periods. 2,3,4,5 When Congress ratified the 18th amendment on January 29, 1919 a period of prohibition begun across America which put saloons out of business. A. J. then took to farming.6 In 1928 Young’s Variety Store7 is occupying 407 Georgia Street by 1937 they have been replaced by Joe Quattroochi a fruit and vegetable seller.8

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