From 1872 until at least 1911, it was occupied by the Becker family.  Gottfried Becker began the family business when he returned to Louisiana in 1872 and went into business with Fred Wenkle at this location. Becker was born in Bavaria and came to the United States in 1866. He was a shoemaker and settled first  in Waterloo, IL. He came to Louisiana in 1870 to work for Charles Wahl. He began working as a saloonkeeper and his sons, John and Frank, eventually joined the business as well. For many years it was known as the Becker Brothers’ Saloon. 1

The Mueller Baking Company occupied this building according to the 1928 telephone directory. The city directory of 1937 shows Maxfields Bakery in this location.

Maxfields Store
403 Georgia Street
1. Louisiana Press Journal. 1902. “Deaths,” July 17.
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