According to the city directories, the tenants of this building were:

1892: H.C. Henry and Co. – Boots and Shoes

1903: J.T. Griffith and Co.- Flour, Feed, and Grocer

319 1/2 – Miss Nettie Wallace- Dressmaker, Buffum Telephone Co.

1906: Arcade Clothing Store

3191/2 – John M Lonergan- Dentist

This is a picture of John Lonergan in front of the Fritz building on the 500 block of Georgia. Circa 1906.

1911- Hugh Love- Grocer

1928: Crowthers Pressing and Cleaning

1937: Gamble Store

319 1/2 American Association of Nurserymen

Bray's and Gambles

On the left side of the picture you can see the Gamble store. They sold auto supplies and hardware.

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