John L. Fritz built this office building in 1885.  The building showcases wide pressed metal string course above the storefront and the cast iron pilasters.

The Arcade building includes 313, 315, and 317 Georgia street.

Here is a picture of the building circa 1890. The businesses include C.J. Chapman’s Drugstore and the United States Express Company.

Chapman's Drugstore 1890

The 1892 City Directory listings:1

313- J.H. Gamble- Boots and Shoes

315- Jasper Frier- Groceries and Provisions

317- C.J. Chapman- Druggist

By 1903, W.A. Smith’s Arcade had moved into the building. The Arcade was initially described as a store that sold dry goods and gents furnishings.

Arcade 315-319 Georgia.jpg

The upper level of the building had several businesses as well. In 1906, the directory contained the following listings:2
313 1/2- C. H. Klauer- photographer
313 1/2- T.G. Hetherlin- Physician
315 1/2- Buffum Telephone Co.
315 1/2- Kinloch Telephone Co.

In the 1937 city directory, 315 and 317 were occupied by the Jones Clothing Co.3

Bray's and Gambles
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