Dr. Salathiel Bainbridge Ayres had 312 Georgia built in 1891.1 The first tenant in this building was George Hind per the Louisiana Press Journal September, 1, 1891 announcement that stated “Removed to 312 Georgia street, between Third and Fourth, south side. Geo. Hind, The Druggist.”

George Hind sr
George Hind, Sr.
Emily Jane Brooke Hind
Emma J Brooke Hind

George Hind was born April 30, 1818 in Preston, Lancashire, England. He arrived in New Orleans in 1843 and quickly made his way north to St. Louis. He was employed as a druggist in St, Louis until 1849, the year in which cholera broke out. Mr. Hind took care of the first case. George returned to England but returned to St. Louis and engaged in business at Eleventh and Morgan streets. 2 March 1, 1852 George married Miss Emma J Brooke in St. Louis. Emma was born August 19, 1831 in London, England. 3
In 1857, George and Emma moved their family to Louisiana, Missouri. George went into business manufacturing iron supplies organized as Brooke, Hind & Kilpatrick.   A fire destroyed the manufacturing plant within a year. George decided to open a drug store and continued in this line of work up unto the death of Emma in May 1895. He then sold his interests in Louisiana and moved to St. Louis where he lived until his death January 21, 1904. 2   George and Emma had six children during their marriage. William Robert (1854-1919), Clara Francis (1856-1945), George Hind (1858-1924), John Bentley (1863-1864), Edward Owen (1865-1938) and Albert James (1868-1900).

Albert James successfully pursued a career in show business. The following statement appeared in the Louisiana Press Journal December 20, 1900:

“A telegram received Thursday morning stated that Albert Hind had died in Argentine, Kas. He formerly resided in this city and was a son of Mr. George Hind who was in the drug business here for years. Deceased followed the show business and was considered one of the best female impersonators in the country.”

Geo & Store
George – drug store Louisiana, MO
Geo Hind Sr.
George Hind, Sr.

In both 1903 and 1906, it is the location of Wehrman and Co.’s drugstore.

Wehrman & Co

By 1906, Dr. S.B. Ayres had moved from his location at 3101/2 Georgia Street to 312 1/2. 4

 According to the 1911 Directory, this building housed Weber and Trescher- Bakery, Confections, and Ice Cream.

Bray's and Gambles

In 1937, the building was home to Bray’s Pharmacy.  5

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