310 Georgia was built circa 1905 by Henry Schmitt a second generation tailor born and raised in Louisiana.1 This was the final building to be constructed on the south side of the 300 block of Georgia street. Georgia street was still a dirt road at this time. Henry carried on the Schmitt tailoring business his father began in 1868 when he and Henry’s mother made Louisiana their new home. Henry kept the street front location until 1947 when Mr. B.F. Brown of Hillsboro, Illinois rented the downstairs for the Shirley Shop, a ladies dress store. Henry then moved his tailoring business to the second floor of 310 Georgia and continued his business for the remainder of his life.

Schmitt TailorsWR 310 Georgia
This photo of Lampe & Schmitt would have been taken in front of their shop at 505 Georgia street circa 1895.

Henry is the son of John Schmitt and Mina (Minnie) Schliepep. John was born in Hease, Darmstadt, Germany and came to the USA in 1848. Minnie was born October 7, 1834 in Gettinger, Hanover, Germany. She made her way to the United States in 1839 when just five years old. John and Minnie married in St. Louis in 1851. They moved to Louisiana in 1868 and raised 10 children while John followed a career as a tailor. Henry was the only child to follow in his father’s footstep and become a tailor. Henry was born January 21, 1872 in Louisiana. He married Anna (Kittie) Louise Culver and made their home at 516 Jackson Street.3

The 1906 & 1911 city directories have the dental offices of Gaylord Lansdowne at 310 1/2. Dr. Richard Hereford is listed having his medical office at 310 1/2 in 1911.

The Pike Beauty Shop makes the  upper level of 310 Georgia their place of business in 1937. 4

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