This home was built for Richard H. Goodman in 1894.


This 2 1/2 story brick home sits high upon a bluff along the Mississippi River. It contains many elements of the American Queen Anne style. It was designed by the architectural firm of Franklin, Wheeler, and Branson of St. Louis. It was commissioned by Richard H. Goodman, the chief cashier of the Bank of Louisiana at the time. It was constructed to accommodate plumbing, as well as both electrical and gas lighting. It has a limestone foundation and is made of hard pressed dark-red bricks that were brought to Louisiana from Quincy, IL. The bearing walls of this house are eighteen inches thick. It is a sturdy construction, but it is currently at a slight risk because it is situated right along Route 79. The vibration of trucks passing by is a threat to this house, but has only caused minor damage.

The house was purchased by Clarence McDowell Stark , in 1899 after Richard Goodman and his wife divorced. Stark was the co-founder and first president of the present Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards Co. He is well remembered for his efforts to expand the company through a national catalog sales and advertising campaign. He, along with Luther Burbank, is credited with discovering and popularizing the Red Delicious apple. This home remained in the Stark family for a total of seventy seven years. Clarence Stark lived in this home with his wife Lily, daughter Willella, and two sons Paul and Lloyd. In the 1920s, two additional buildings were added to the property. There is a small building, about 16 ft. square, that was built to house the family’s cook. There is also a generous brick garage. The house went through an interior remodel in 1935, following the plans created by George D. Barnett of St. Louis. The Goodman-Stark House was added to the National Register of Historic places in 1994. 1



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