This home was built by William Luce for his daughter Helen Mae Luce and her husband Archibald Van Horn in 1857.

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Helen Mae Luce was born on March 23, 1832 in Booneville, IN to William and Minerva Luce. She came to Louisiana with her parents at the age of 6. She married Archibald Van Horn on November 13th, 1850. Together they had 7 children. Forrest, Juliette, Leona, Mabel, Helen, William, and Archibald. ¹ In 1857, Helen’s father had houses constructed for her and her brother, Homer. ²   

Archibald Mann Van Horn was born in Covington, KY in December of 1824. He came to Louisiana in 1848 to manufacture plug and fine cut tobaccos with his brothers, William M. and Walter J. Van Horn.  In 1863, the Van Horn brothers, along with Edward C. Murray, moved to Chicago and operated their tobacco business as Van Horn, Murray, and Co. In 1868, he returned to Louisiana. He died in St. Louis in August of 1889. ³



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