Built before 1862 for W.B. Pew.

Powhatan Baird

Powhatan Baird was a resident in this home from 1863, when he bought it from W.B. Pew, until his death. He was one of the pioneer settlers in Louisiana. He was born in Nelson County, Virginia on December 28, 1828. He was one of the ten children of Thomas Jefferson Baird and Catherine Madlock Jones. The family moved to Louisiana in 1836. Supporting such a large family was a bit difficult for the Bairds. To help his parents, Powhatan began working at the age of eight. He did ” any job that his strength would allow.” Thomas Jefferson Baird died on December 13, 1846. Mrs. Baird then married Levi Ruggles. At 21 years old, Powhatan began an apprenticeship with Levi Ruggles and Henry Martz. He learned about architecture and building from Ruggles.

Baird would go on to have a very successful career in building. He is known for drawing up plans for and supervising the construction of some of the finest residences in Louisiana. He was responsible for the construction of houses that still exist at 220 N. 3rd, 1906 Georgia, 1901 Georgia, and 1100 N. Carolina St. He also designed and supervised construction of the Fritz building (505-511 Georgia), the Lafferty Building (515 Georgia), and the Mercantile Bank. Later in his life he would also get involved in the clothing business. He was part owner of Baird Clothing Co. with his son, Henry L. Baird, from 1891 until his death on April 13, 1916.

Huldah Gunn Baird

He married Huldah V. Gunn on May 9, 1852. They had ten children together, eight of whom survived to adulthood. They were: Nadine, born April 6, 1853; Franklin Gunn, born July 3, 1857; Mary Josephine, born December 25, 1859; John William, born December 19, 1861; Henry Lee, born January 17, 1864; Anna, born June 10, 1866; Allie June, born June 25, 1871;  and Claudine Huldah February 16, 1874. 1

1. Louisiana Press Journal. 1916. “His Life Work Done ,” April 16.
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