The current Mercantile Bank building was constructed in 1924.

Hotel Windsor owned by C. S. Smith was listed at 218 Georgia (the addresses were numbered differently) in the Pike County Directory 1892-1893.

Before the hotel was known as Hotel Windsor, Thomas Jefferson Baird began construction on what would later be called the Baird Hotel. In 1845 Thomas purchased an empty lot on the corner of Third and Main for the purpose of building his hotel and a livery barn to be used in connection with the hotel. The rear part of the building commenced during the fall of 1845. Brick work was completed by Squire Wm. English, father of Scott English. Work on the main building resumed in 1846. Before it was finished, Mr. Baird passed away on December 13, 1846.

Before his passing, Thomas created a will giving his wife Catherine Madlock Baird (Jones) power to complete his vision, which she did. Catherine hired Henry Martz to complete the work. Wm. O. Parks was the foreman in charge and the painting was done by Richard Hardy. On the 4th of July, 1847 the Hotel Baird was opened will a ball and supper. Dancing commenced on the evening of the 4th and continued all night and part of the next day.

In 1923, Fred Stichter traded this building for the Mercantile Bank building which was located at 221 Georgia. The hotel was torn down and and the new Mercantile Bank was built in its place. The bank moved to this location in 1924.

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