1864 Baird was operating his grocery business from the old Baird Hotel building at the corner of Georgia and Third Street. He bought out the interests in the hotel from the other heirs of his father Thomas Baird’s estate in 1868, as well as the additional lot which stretched from the hotel to the alley on Georgia street. In that same year he builds 216 Georgia which adjoins the Baird Hotel property and moved his store into the new building.1

1877 he retires and rents 216 Georgia to the Wald Bros. The Wald Bros. remain in this location through at least 1880 when Powhatan erects 214 Georgia to be used as a store room for their business. 1

216 Georgia is the second building from the right in this photo.

Powhatan’s son Henry L. Baird has taken over Baird Bros. and is managing the store as Baird Clothing by 1903. The Louisiana Press has moved to their new building on Third street. Henry A. Long has taken over the second floor selling furniture and providing services as a funeral director and undertaker.

In 1906 216 Georgia was still the home of the Baird Clothing Co. but by 1911 they have moved and expanded their store to occupy both 212-214 Georgia street stores. 1911 the Red Men’s Hall occupied 216 along with the dental offices of Lonergan & Sons.

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