Wahl & Naber Shoe Store

April of 1864, two German immigrants George Wahl and Henry Naber formed a partnership which became the Wahl & Naber boot and shoe store. This shoe store resided at 321 Georgia Street from 1870 through 1936.

The construction of the 321 Georgia was a joint venture between George and his brother Charles Wahl. Early in 1869 “Mr. Chas. Wahl is  preparing to erect a two story brick business building house on the corner of Fourth and Georgia streets”. July 16, 1870 the Press Journal states ” The masons commenced laying brick on Wahl’s new building on the corner of Georgia and 4th streets last Wednesday.  The corners and front columns will be dressed stone.” 2


wahl & Naber


ad 1903 directory
Ad from the 1903 Louisiana City Directory
1 Louisiana Press Journal. 1869. May 15.
2 Louisiana Press Journal. 1870. July 16
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