The “Missouri Inn”


300 South Main Street was built circa 1835. It became the Missouri Inn in 1840 when Thomas Jefferson Baird and his wife Catharine Madlock Jones Baird purchased it. Thomas Baird states in his will, written 8 December 1846 and recorded in Pike County on 22 December 1846, “wife Catharine Baird shall have full power to sell, transfer, convey, and make a deed forever to the property known as the Missouri Inn in the town of Louisiana in which I now live, and also to sell and convey any other property of which I am now possessed, for the purpose of paying my debts, educating my children and completing the new three story brick building commenced by me in the Town of Louisiana on lot no 148 at the corner of Georgia and third streets. Having full and perfect confidence in my beloved wife Catharine, it is my will that she shall have the entire management of my property till my youngest child become of age.”

Catharine was a very capable woman and completed the three-story Baird Hotel, holding the grand opening on July 4, 1847.  See the Mercantile Bank page for more details. 

November 29, 1898 William J. Lemp Brewing Co. of St. Louis purchased 300 S. Main from Marion B. Murray, widow to the late Edward C. Murray of Louisiana, per the deed records of Pike County, MO.  June 10, 1919 Lemp Brewing sold it to Independent Breweries Co. who sold it to Louisiana Pure Ice and Supply Co. on May 21, 1923, also per the deed records of Pike County, MO.

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